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24/7 Aircon Challenge;
Yay or Nay?

June 14th, 2021 | Share via:

Philippines has two seasons, the wet or rainy season and the dry season. The dry season is further classified into a.) cool dry season, which is from December to February; and B.) hot dry season, which is from March to May.1 The scorching heat felt is no laughing matter as some areas even reached the danger level last May 12, when the heat index reached 42°C and even beyond. when by everyone in the past month made people turn to different ways to alleviate the heat. Dagupan City Pangasinan had the highest heat index with 52°C.

As the extreme heat brought discomfort even inside the homes, people tried different measures to alleviate the unwanted circumstance, and one of which was through the usage of cooling equipment, such as an air conditioner. In one popular Facebook Group, Home Buddies, a challenge was even posted – the 24/7 aircon challenge. The rationale, accordingly, is that using your inverter air conditioner (A/C) 24/7 should be able to save you more money. Note that the challenge is with use of an inverter A/C. But does doing it result to lower electricity consumption? Some of the members of the Group who took up the challenge posted different results – there were some whose electricity bill jumped to more than double their past bill when they did the challenge, and there are some who said their electric bill went down by half after doing this tricky challenge. What is the truth in this matter? To put the matter to rest, we sought the technical advice of reputable A/C suppliers and manufacturers.

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Is it more efficient to use an inverter A/C 24/7, and will it result to lower electricity consumption?

A representative from Midea said that using an inverter aircon is efficient, whether it’s used 24/7 or not.

“(An) Inverter air conditioner continuously changes the compressor revolution speed by varying frequency and voltage. By increasing the compressor's speed, a room's temperature can be instantly lowered. Once (it) reached the desired temperature, compressor speed will automatically slow down, and the capacity will drop up to 50% or more, saving a lot of energy.”

Photo source: Facebook: Home Buddies

As for aircon brand Carrier, a technical representative said that there are other factors to consider, such as the proper sizing of the A/C unit to the application area, and the correct temperature setting. Assuming that the size of the A/C unit and the application and area are perfectly matched, and the temperature setting is at 24 to 25C (comfort cooling), the inverter normally operates in maximum output (maximum power consumption too) in the first 30 min. to 1 hour, then slows down when it reaches the set temperature. 

“The minimum cooling output (also power input) is just to maintain the set temperature and will operate in the next 23 hours (with an additional assumption that there is minimal heat gain from sunlight or outside temperature, less opening of door), this might yield a lower electricity consumption (rather) than operate in 8 hours (starts from warm air then will be cooled after one hour and maintained in comfort level for the next seven hours), off in 4 hours (room temperature will return to warm state like an unconditioned air), then if the A/C operates again, it will use the same or more power like it is starting over again.”

So, does the 24/7 use of the inverter aircon result to lower electricity consumption? This is not guaranteed. Both sources agreed that though using it for longer hours is efficient, the hours when the A/C is turned off meant that it is not consuming power (and zero electricity) during those "off" hours.  

If you want to still take on the 24/7 aircon challenge, the next question that might pop into your mind is whether it is safe to run the A/C unit continuously.

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Is it safe to use a home aircon 24/7?

Both representatives agreed that inverter A/Cs are designed to operate in long hours thus, it is safe to use them 24/7. Midea representative pointed out that running it 24/7 bears no risk, as long as the temperature setpoint is right, a 22 to 24C is a comfortable temperature. The compressor will automatically stop once it reached the setpoint.

Carrier technical representative added, however, that the A/C’s normal wear and tear will also be hastened.  The risk of overheating and premature breakdown will most likely happen if the A/C is not properly sized to the application and if the temperature setting is too low, making the compressor  run non-stop.

What are the best practices for an efficient A/C use?

To keep your air conditioning unit's efficiency, air conditioner brands Whirlpool and Fujidenzo highlighted that A/C units should be properly maintained, especially with regular cleaning of its filter.

On top of the regular maintenance, Carrier added that it is also highly important to select the right size and capacity of the units to the application area - consider the peak load on summer condition and to set the temperature in comfort cooling (24-25C).

Midea reminded that the unit must be installed and by a trained and certified installer and be checked and cleaned by an authorized service center. An insulated ceiling will also help keep the cold air preserved inside the room.

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What are the topmost considerations when purchasing an Air Conditioning unit for your home?

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Before you purchase your house and lot’s A/C, lookout for the following:

  • Choose the capacity of the A/C based on the size of the room. A little bit bigger in capacity is better than an undersized capacity.
  • Ensure that the unit will not be obstructed and will have enough supply of fresh air, especially on the condenser side.
  • The orientation of the room with respect to afternoon sun
  • The energy saving feature of the A/C
  • Choose a brand known for quality and durability
  • Go for brands and suppliers that provide excellent installation and after-sales service

As a conclusion, an inverter aircon is more efficient when used for longer hours than only for fewer hours but using it 24/7 would not necessarily result to lower energy or electric consumption. It can be compared to when you are buying an item only because it’s on 50% SALE. You are not saving 50% on cost, but rather, you are spending 50% that you wouldn’t otherwise spend.

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