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Living the Best Life in Your Ideal Home and Community

August 5th, 2021 | Share via:

Having a place to call your own is one of the most fulfilling goals you can achieve. Searching for the ideal home, however, is not an easy feat. You need to have patience and resourcefulness, as looking for the right house in an ideal community will require a lot of work- several tasks to be done, information that needs to be gathered, and a crucial decision making to pick the ideal home for the whole family.

Photo from Lessandra
Photo from Lessandra

What makes an Ideal Home?

Picking which house is the ideal home is subjective. People differ in preferences. Your set of examples of an ideal home may be different from your friends and co-workmates. However, all would agree that a well-built house with quality materials and a functional design makes a good home. A house that gives comfort and security as you live your best life makes your place an ideal home- a place to settle and rest after a long day at work. It is a place you love coming home to and living in, without the troubles of inaccessibility to your other needs.

Photo from Lessandra
Photo from Lessandra

Both are Lessandra's top priority in building thousands of homes for Filipino families. Top-tier in offering quality and affordable house and lot packages, each of Lessandra's classic-designed houses meets what it takes for an ideal home.

Lessandra builds every ideal house for every Filipino family, catering to your specific needs without compromising its best quality at an affordable price. Lessandra has its Starter series, its best-selling townhouses, Arielle. Houses like Criselle, Ezabelle, and Frielle, has all their spaces perfect for all home dwellers who want to live in the best and the coziest homes. Designed to maximize all the corners of a house and lot, Lessandra's latest house model, Sienna, fits all your space needs for the new normal- be it work or school at home!

Photo from Lessandra
Photo from Lessandra

The ideal home is the one that meets all your needs- even wants! It's a space designed with full functionality in mind, all that there is in a Lessandra house. The classic exterior design, above all, makes your ideal home ageless and classy- a house that never runs out of style.

The perfect home doesn't exist just everywhere. It has to be in an ideal community that gives homeowners peace of mind and the leisure of a peaceful living away from the noise of unsettled places. However, like picking off the right house is subjective, a person's ideal community is too.

Most people give ideal community examples like the ones that are clean, well-maintained, and guarded communities. Ideal communities for some are the ones with aesthetic designs, beautiful lights, and stunning amenities.

What makes Lessandra Communities an Ideal community?

An example of an ideal community may vary from one person to another. Some would say it's a place outside the metropolis, while others would disagree. You have your own factors to consider to describe your ideal community, and the same goes for others. The ideal community- whether or not it's inside the metropolis gives its homeowners the maximum accessibility to all their other needs and the progress of their location.

Photo from Lessandra
Photo from Lessandra

*Lessandra Verra Metro North Entrance Gate

Say, for example, a Lessandra community in Bogo City, although not in the Metro Cebu, gives home intenders the advantages of being in the economic zone of the place. Located near all government establishments like the City hall, terminal, hospitals, and police stations, Lessandra Bogo gives its investors access to their necessities. Not only that!  As the project situates in the economic zone of the city, its neighboring buildings are mostly rising businesses and developments- opening more investment opportunities for its dwellers. More than the accessibility and convenience of the community's location, its internal perks add up to its holistic idealness. The community design includes beautiful landscapes, tree-lined roads, and family-friendly amenities. Lessandra homeowners enjoy using its clubhouse, swimming pool, gazebo, park and playground, pocket gardens, and basketball courts, among others.

Another Lessandra community giving the same advantages is the five hectare, Caribbean-inspired Lessandra General Santos. Neighboring the latest developments of the city such as the General Santos International airport, recreational centers, malls and universities, the community promises nothing but a better living experience. Additionally, Lessandra Gensan has available shuttle services, bringing a leveled up comfort and convenience for all homeowners – an important factor in choosing the most ideal home for the family.

Lessandra Bogo, Lessandra General Santos and the rest of all other Lessandra communities, exquisitely maintains its themed subdivision- ensuring homeowners’ satisfaction and best living environment. Experience only the best with the community’s scenic view- from classic house designs to well-maintained landscapes and family-friendly amenities in Lessandra. Guards are up round the clock, and CCTV cameras are functioning 24/7 for maximum safety and security.

Why pick a house and lot in an ideal community of Lessandra for your family?

The ideal community gives its homeowners the best of both worlds- the best location at an affordable price. Two of the significant factors why Lessandra makes the best home for every Filipino family; are its affordability and the benefits of its strategic location.

Photo from Lessandra
Photo from Lessandra


Affordability is one of the concerns people look into when choosing a property to settle in. Lessandra finds ways to help aspiring homeowners pursue their dreams of buying their own house and lot even amidst the pandemic. On way Lessandra did it is by offering flexible and longer down payment terms. The down payment, amounting to 20% of the Total Contracting Price (TCP), is payable for up to 40 months (which may vary per project and may change without prior notice). Not only that, Lessandra has five beneficial financial schemes perfect to match the varying needs of homeowners. Lessandra makes sure that its house and lot in its ideal community are affordable and achievable to own!

Strategic Location

Location is one of the most important factors when it comes to real estate- especially for an ideal community. Lessandra communities are all over the country, in the progressive places of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Settled next to all government development efforts through the Build Build Build program, every Lessandra community takes on the best spot anywhere in the country. Leveraging on the continuous efforts of constructing more roads, bridges and other developmental projects, Lessandra settles where growth is promised. Accessible to the most well-known universities, commercial establishments, transportation sites, and international airports, above all, it is a matter of fact, every family's definition of an ideal community to live in.

People's preferences may vary, but the standards to the best ideal community and home to live in remain to have common grounds- peaceful, progressive, sustainable, and well-maintained.

Find your perfect spot inside a Lessandra house and lot in the most ideal community. Experience all the ideals instead of just imagining them. Live your best life in a Lessandra home.

Lessandra is an affordable house and lot developer offering maaliwalas home spaces nationwide. To know more about affordable properties in Lessandra, visit the Lessandra House Listings. To find out how to buy a house and lot in the Philippines, go to Lessandra Guides and FAQs.