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historical places in cavite


Life in the Historical Capital of the Philippines, Cavite

August 12th, 2021 | Share via:

A place where all needs are met. This is the ideal life most Filipinos seek—an equal amount of the city life and close-to-nature environment, added with the upsides of conveniently close establishments and relaxing spots. A life with no worries because everything is within reach.

Less than an hour from Metro Manila, one of the thriving provinces in Southern Luzon, Cavite, offers the hottest spots for an ideal home. More than being close to the pool of opportunities offered in the National Capital Region, Cavite province also revels in its locational upsides: economic zones filled with different companies and opportunities, a growing number of infrastructures and road developments, maintained natural resources perfect for a healthy lifestyle, and a great home location making up a peaceful environment.

Opportunities and Accessibility

Cavite is composed of 16 municipalities and 7 cities, with Imus as its provincial capital, and its provincial government and capitol located in Trece Martires City. It is under the Region IV-A, CALABARZON, and is a densely populated province being close to Metro Manila. Cavite is a home for Filipinos seeking a well-balanced life in every aspect.

Economic Zone in Cavite
Economic Zone in Cavite

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In terms of livelihood and opportunities, there are a lot of economic zones within the province, providing jobs for the locals. As reported by Lamudi, Cavite thrives in business opportunities, as there are tons of business parks and retail centers within its boundaries. There is a great chance for career growth in information technology or agro-industrial industry in the province, with the companies present within the boundaries. Cavite occupies immediate south of Metro Manila, businesses in Cavite also booms due to the number of tourists staying and passing by the place.1

Going out of the province, the residents living in Cavite also revels in the opportunities of its neighboring places, as there are several existing and upcoming infrastructure projects and major highways easing travel times from point to point in and out of the province.

Traveling to different points in Manila is made easier by the expressways built in different exits of Cavite. Among the existing road conveniences are the Manila-Cavite Expressway or CAVITEX, South Luzon Expressway or SLEX, Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway or MCX, and the partially opened Cavite-Laguna Expressway or CALAX.

More than these, locals will soon revel in the travel ease to be provided by the upcoming LRT Line-1 extension starting in the city of Bacoor, and the Cavite-Tagaytay-Batangas Expressway.

These road projects and major highways make up the advantages of living in Cavite for livelihood convenience, as these infrastructures do not just situate the residents close to Metro Manila opportunities, but also close to the progress of neighboring provinces Laguna and Batangas.

Historical Sites to Explore

Moving from its booming economy, Cavite is also a home of tourist spots worth visiting, whether for revisiting history purposes or for relaxing spots. There are tons of famous destinations in the province like the Tagaytay City, or the San Roque Church in Cavite City.

There are many historical places in Cavite, hence the province is commonly dubbed as the “Historical Capital of the Philippines”. As a history capital, the province is the hometown of some of the national heroes recorded in Philippine history, such as General Emilio Aguinaldo, the first president of the Philippine Republic, Felipe Calderon, the Father of the Malolos Constitution, to name a few.

As a land with rich history, here are some of the historical places in Cavite worth exploring:

1. General Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine

Visiting Cavite for travel trips, especially educational ones, immediately places the Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite at the top of the list. This is where the proclamation of the Philippine Independence was held, after the centuries-long Spanish rule in the country.

2. Corregidor Island

Corregidor Island in Cavite City
Corregidor Island in Cavite City

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The Corregidor Island is located in Manila Bay, but is under the jurisdiction of Cavite City. It is one of the best places to visit, especially when it comes to witnessing present-day artifacts and proofs of the heroic struggles done by Filipino soldiers back when the country was a battleground of World War II.

3. Tejeros Convention Site

The Tejeros Convention Site in General Trias City, Cavite commemorates the first election of the first officials of a revolutionary government. The assembly was held between the two parties or factions of the Katipunan, Magdiwang and Magdalo, with the further agenda of planning a defense strategy against the Spanish forces.2

Natural Attractions to Visit

Aside from the rich history of Cavite, there are also other destinations like natural attractions, places to visit in Cavite that makes the province an ideal spot for “being one with nature”. These natural formations are must-visit tourist spots in Cavite that leave every visitor satisfied and relaxed after exploring.

1. Balite Falls

Balite Falls is located in the municipality of Amadeo, Cavite. Famous to the tourists and locals, swimming in Balite Falls is a great experience, as there is a natural swimming pool at the bottom of the falls that allows visitors to dive at least 18-feet deep.

2. Mount Pico de Loro

Mount Pico de Loro
Mount Pico de Loro

Photo source: The Pinoy Traveler

With all the available hiking trails spread in different parts of the country, Mt. Pico de Loro is a dormant volcano among the famous peaks nestled between Cavite and Batangas, famous with the local hikers. A majestic view waiting at the top, taking the challenge of climbing Pico de Loro equates to reaching the Cavite’s highest point.

3. Malibiclibic Falls

Malibiclibic Falls is one of the best hidden tourist spots in Cavite, nestled among the municipalities of General Emilio Aguinaldo, Maragondon, and Magallanes. Malibiclibic Falls is much higher than the 10-meter height of Balite Falls, with its surrounding green land making it the “Amazon of Cavite”.

4. Patungan Beach Cove

Another hidden tourist spot in Cavite, Patungan Beach Cove prides itself in its crystal clear waters. As a hidden tourist spot, this natural attraction offers a less congested beach getaway.

5. Balayungan Falls

Also located in the municipality of Maragondon, the Pantihan or Balayungan Falls prides in its “veil-like” falls, as the waters come from the top of limestone rock formations, adding up to the majestic view of the place. At the bottom of the falls is a river, making cliff diving one of the thrilling activities done by tourists.

Aside from these five wonders, there are also other destinations that can be found in Cavite like the ever famous Tagaytay City. Several tourists visit the place because of its great view of the world famous Taal Volcano, and hang out places like a picnic park where tourists can revel in the city's cold weather.

Great Home Location to Consider

Near all the overflowing opportunities, developments, and wondrous tourist spots, Cavite proves to be an ideal home location, where great residential estates can be found. Along with the attractions and progress, the province is also peppered with establishments catering to every residents’ needs. There are tons of malls, reputable schools like the Cavite State University, and churches like San Roque Church and other religious places for the locals.

Affordable house and lots in Tanza, Cavite
Affordable house and lots in Tanza, Cavite

Truly a great home location, affordable house and lots are also available in the province. A subdivision in Cavite offering the best quality and affordable house and lots is Lessandra Tanza Heights, located in municipality of Tanza, Cavite. This community offers recreational spaces for homeowners beyond the house and lots, is one of the safest residential subdivisions in the province.

More than the maaliwalas spaces offered in the neighborhood, homeowners also revel in its proximity to business districts. There is also a mall at the entrance of this subdivision in Cavite, and a nearby church, making each homeowners’ needs within easy reach.

Knowing that there is a great home location within the country, where all needs are met, makes dreams of having a great future closer to reality. Living in Cavite, in Lessandra Tanza Heights, makes the maaliwalas life more than achievable for every Filipino dreaming nothing but the best for themselves and their own family.

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