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reasons to live in affordable house and lot in lipa city batangas


Living in Lipa City; Beyond Lomi and Kapeng Barako

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Choosing a place to live in is just like choosing so many things in life, like choosing the best outfit you will wear for the day, the car you need in your everyday transportation, the food for your dinner, the job skills you need to upgrade, etc. There’s a lot of things you need to consider and reasons for choosing the place you want to live in for your entire life. These are the things you need to know and why you will choose Lipa City Batangas as a place to live in!

Shot of Lipa City Batangas Famous Lipa Cathedral
Shot of Lipa City Batangas Famous Lipa Cathedral

Aerial Photography of Chito Segismundo

The City’s Topography in a Glimpse

Lipa City is located in Batangas province and is one of the biggest cities in Batangas. Lipa City covers a total land area of 20,940 hectares and has an elevation of 1,025 feet above sea level. It is situated in the valley of two famous mountains namely Mt. Maculot and Mt. Malarayat, which also serve as protection for natural disasters such as strong typhoons.

Newcomers, visitors, and tourists are often surprised by its cool climate, which is almost close to Tagaytay, Cavite, another locality known for its cold climate in the Philippines. Because of its cool weather, Goto and Lomi are popular delicaties of the city.  

Lipa City is only 80 kilometers from Metro Manila, making it one of the favorite go-to places for people seeking a quick weekend getaway. In addition, with the expressways, one can reach Lipa City from Manila within an hour.

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Lipa City’s Rich Culture

Lipa City Batangas is also known for its rich culture and is dubbed as the little Rome of the Philippines because of its churches, convents, seminaries, and many more. 

It also celebrates many festivals such as Coffee Festival, Lomi Festival, among others. Every month of January, Lipa City Fiesta is being held for honoring Lipa City Patron Saint, San Sebastian.

The Kapeng Barako Festival
The Kapeng Barako Festival

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Lomi is one of the popular dishes of Lipa
Lomi is one of the popular dishes of Lipa

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Lipenos, the locals of Lipa City, are proud of their cuisine, especially of goto and lomi. Since it’s cold in Lipa most of the time, Lipenos love to eat a piping hot of goto or lomi. These two dishes are so popular that one can find a goto or lomi house in every barangay. Goto is a rice porridge with beef tripe cooked with ginger, garlic, and other seasonings. Lomi, on the other hand, is a Filipino noodle dish made with thick egg noodles.  Another favorite of city locals is the hot Kapeng Barako, which is drunk even at Lunchtime. The city’s love for coffee and lomi is also celebrated through their Coffee Festival and Lomi Festival.


Dubbed as the Little Rome of the Philippines, it is undeniable that the Italian lifestyle in Lipa City exists. Two communities that embody this are Lessandra Lipa and Plantacion Meridienne. Located in Brgy. Tibig, and Brgy. Cumba, respectively, these exclusive subdivisions offer affordable house and lots in Lipa City with Italian Mediterranean-themed communities. Lessandra Lipa and Plantacion Meridienne boast of having maaliwalas communities - one of the factors why many overseas Filipinos choose them for investment and place to live in on their retirement.

The affordable house and lots in these two neighborhoods come with many advantages, including community amenities. Lessandra Lipa, for example, has a basketball court, clubhouse, swimming pool, and playground for a holistic lifestyle.

Another advantage of the homes in Lessandra Lipa and Plantacion Meridienne are their accessibility to Lipa City’s establishments.

A glimpse of Plantacion Meridienne
A glimpse of Plantacion Meridienne

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City Developments and Establishments

Life in Lipa City is one of convenience and accessibility. All the daily necessities are available in this locality – from  shopping malls to schools, medical facilities, and markets. Food hubs are also rampant such as the Dayton Foodpark and MEZ Event Center, among others.

Learning is also highlighted with Lipa city being considered as an educational hub in Batangas because of its numerous top schools and universities like De La Salle, University Of Batangas, Canossa Academy, Lipa City Colleges, and Batangas State University.  Many people from the nearby provinces go to Lipa City for its educational institutions. 

Lipa City also offers many choices when it comes to hospitals, both public and private, like Mary Mediatrix Medical Center, Lipa Medix Medical Center, and Ospital ng Lipa, to name a few.

Recreational establishments are available in Lipa City, Batangas for that balanced lifestyle. Lipa Outlets, SM City Lipa, and Robinsons Lipa are some of the popular shopping complexes in the city. These shopping malls offer a wide scale of services, retails stores, and supermarkets.

When it comes to livelihood and economy, Lipa City is one of the cities considered as “Next Wave Cities” for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector. Some of the global BPO companies in Lipa Teletech, Alorica, and Results. These BPO companies provide employment opportunities to many that locals do not have to seek employment in Manila.

The city’s ambiance, culture, communities, and developments are just some of the reasons why Lipa City is among the best places to live in.

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