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best staycation spots in sta maria bulacan


Best staycation spots in Sta. Maria, Bulacan

November 11th, 2021 | Share via:

If you are stuck at home right now because of the global pandemic, then you are probably also itching for that much-anticipated weekend getaway. Life has been somewhat dull for the past year and a half, especially if you have been forced to work from home and follow different quarantine protocols.

Those who live inside Metro Manila and nearby provinces are the ones greatly affected by these restrictions. Just imagine all the local and international vacation plans and trips that were canceled. It has been a bummer especially for jet setters who love adventures. People who are stressed out about these difficult times deserve a break from reality.

Not only does a short break give someone time to relax their mind and body, but it also serves as quality time to spend with loved ones. To keep ourselves sane during this pandemic without being able to travel to our dream destinations sounds almost impossible. Due to existing restrictions, one can only hope to go so far away from the Metro.

However, there is one perfect province near Metro Manila that can be your next destination for that much-deserved mini staycation, and that is Bulacan. Now there are a lot of cities or municipalities in Bulacan that feature resorts and vacation spots but let us focus on the municipality of Sta. Maria, Bulacan, which is roughly 30 minutes away from Metro Manila via North Luzon Expressway.

Let’s take a look at the best staycation spots located in the municipality of Sta. Maria, Bulacan.

Hidden Tropics

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Hidden Tropics is a modern-designed Sta. Maria Bulacan resort located at 1407 P. Manok Road, Barangay San Jose, Patag 3022 Santa Maria, Bulacan. This is a newly-constructed staycation spot that opened on February 2018.

One can already imagine themselves posing by that luxurious-looking private Sta. Maria Bulacan resort for that perfect Instragrammable picture. This is one of those places in the municipality of Sta. Maria, Bulacan where you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of your loved ones while appreciating the awesome modern design of your chosen getaway place.

Villa Esperanza Resort

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You may find this Sta. Maria Bulacan resort at Balasing Road, Alapista St., Santa Maria, Bulacan. This resort features attractions for children all around its swimming pools which makes it a perfect spot for the whole family. This is also a perfect spot to celebrate your child’s birthday or other significant events. Its huge swimming pools and cottages make room for small groups without sacrificing social distancing.

Sitio Lucia Resort Hotel

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This resort, hotel, and training center is located at C De Jesus Street, Pulong Buhangin, Santa Maria, Bulacan is not only for those looking for a place to spend quality time with family but also for companies setting up team-building sessions as well. Sitio Lucia Resort Hotel and Training Center has dinosaur-themed swimming pools perfect for the kids. It is truly a place to recollect and recharge yourself while away from urban life.

Floating Sanctuary

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The Floating Sanctuary is a Sta. Maria Bulacan resort located at 1438 Pasong Kasay, San Vicente, Santa Maria, Bulacan. This could be a great alternative to Villa Esperanza if you are looking for a more modern resort that still features huge swimming pools for the whole family or a small group. It is surrounded by trees that make the experience, even more, relaxing with every breath of fresh air while lying by the pool.

Guevarra Private Resort

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Another perfect staycation spot is the Guevarra Private Resort which is located at 493A Guevarra St Caypombo, Santa Maria, Bulacan. This compact Sta. Maria Bulacan resort has a spacious events place made for celebrations with family and friends, and also a decent-sized swimming pool that comes with a kiddie pool. This is the spot for those looking to host a small pool party or even a wedding reception in the municipality of Sta. Maria, Bulacan.

Nokori Private Resort

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Lastly, this Japanese-themed Sta. Maria Bulacan resort is located at KM37 Pulong Buhangin, Santa Maria, Bulacan is surely worth a shot. Nokori Private Resort is for those who want to relax in the Japanese-Zen way. This resort offers a neatly designed pool and amenities.

 It’s a great place to do some yoga or create new memories with loved ones. With its refreshing landscapes and cozy cottages, a weekend here will recharge and help you unwind. 

These staycation in the municipality of Sta. Maria, Bulacan spots are all located near the Mediterranean-inspired community that will bring you closer to your dream home. After relaxing and enjoying one of these spots, you may want to take a look at Lessandra Sta. Maria is located just along the main road of KM37 Pulong Buhangin, Sta. Maria, Bulacan. 

This real estate project offers affordable house and lot units that give back high returns. The subdivision offers practical and much-needed amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, playground, basketball court, and 24-hour security for the whole community. Living inside this community already feels like you are having a staycation every day. 

Lessandra Sta. Maria also features its own AllDay Supermarket, AllHome Shopping Center, Coffee Project café, and a soon-to-rise VistaMall. Visiting and then investing in this community near these tourist destinations will surely make your mini-vacation worthwhile. Not only did you de-stress yourself, but also fulfilled your dreams when it comes to owning a home. 

As mentioned from the start, people were forced to stay in their homes because of this pandemic but imagine being able to say that the home you are staying at is your investment in Santa Maria, Bulacan that you worked hard for. 

Strategically located nearby Metro Manila, a home in Lessandra Sta. Maria is your escape from all the stress and toxicity of urban living. To be able to say that you are now living the “angat and maaliwalas” life at Lessandra Sta. Maria is such a blessing despite these difficult times.

Lessandra is a real estate developer offering quality and affordable house and lots in the Philippines. Homeowners revel in the communities’ guaranteed 24/7 safety and security and strategic locations near prime spots nationwide. To know more about the affordable house and lots available, visit Lessandra House Listings.