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OFW Property Investment: What Makes Real Estate an Ideal Investment for OFWs

July 1st, 2021 | Share via:

The only bad time to buy property is later.  

This popular anecdote from a leading entrepreneur stands true when one is considering real estate investment, more so for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

While OFWs, the modern-day heroes of our country, find greener pastures overseas, the opportunity doesn’t come free of sacrifices and risks. From being away on important family occasions and moments to the uncertainty of work tenure – these are just some of the circumstances faced and fought on by OFWs. It is therefore only practical, for OFWs to find ways to grow their hard-earned money while the chance is still available. One of the highly-recommended OFW investment opportunities is real estate. There are different types of real estate investment, and of the most common is house and lot.

While there are many options for property investment, there are also many reasons why an OFW should choose to invest in a house and lot in the Philippines. If you are an OFW, here are some points that you should know and take into consideration.

Primary Home

One of basic reasons is to have a primary home. A quality and affordable house and lot should not be missed by anyone, including OFWs. For many, this is an opportunity to fulfill one of the major goals in life, which is to own a house and lot. A home provides a safe and comfortable dwelling, which has been evidently observed when the covid-19 pandemic hit the world. When quarantine restrictions were implemented, everyone took refuge in their private spaces. However, finding comfort was not as easy for those who don’t have their own private abode - the distress of not having a comfortable, safe space and even the pressure to live harmoniously daily with extended families for some. A comfortable home provides security and stability not only to you but to your family as well.

Home – a comfortable living space for you and your family.
Home – a comfortable living space for you and your family.

Ownership of a property, may it be an affordable house and lot or a high-end condominium, also serves as a trophy of your hard work and sacrifices, among other things. It signifies accomplishment and success, at least in one aspect of life.

Secondary Home

Gone are the days when secondary homes are reserved only for the wealthiest. Nowadays, there are many available affordable house and lots for sale that can serve this purpose. While you may already have a home to call your own, purchasing a second property is not a bad idea, it can even be one of the best investments for good reasons.

Secondary homes can be turned into vacation homes. There must be a place you would like to go back to again and again, aside from your daily abode. Instead of going through all the works of finding and booking a hotel, your vacation home can serve as your private space where you can recharge and feel relaxed in your getaway place, a home away from home. This also benefits your family or would-be family as you can spend more quality time with them unbothered by the usual daily hustle.

If you are worried that it would be such a waste that it’s vacant for long periods of time, you can have it rented out for the time that you are away, especially if it’s located in a tourist-favorite community. This way, your vacation property can also be a source of additional income. Take, for example, San Juan Batangas, a municipality popular for its white-sand beaches. Tourists and locals flock to the area to take a time off from busy schedules or to spend a quick holiday. What makes it even better is its accessibility from the metro, another reason why it’s one of the top choices for people seeking reprieve from city life.

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Income Source

Real estate is a lucrative OFW investment opportunity as it can provide an income stream through rentals. As someone sacrificing so much to be able to provide and secure a better future financially, it is only prudent to add another income source to:

  1. Grow your money; and
  2. As a safety net due to the uncertainties in employment tenure in foreign countries.

One of the challenges faced by OFWs when they decide to go back in the Philippines for good is the income gap. Along with it comes the lifestyle that they used to have when they were earning much more. It is difficult to maintain the same lifestyle when your earnings have lessened. Growing your money means securing a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family, even if you decide to go back to your homeland.

Having another income stream also provides you a safety net in cases of unforeseen unwanted scenarios like termination of contract employment. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the global economy, forcing some companies to lay off workers, including the OFWs in many countries. Having another income source lessens the impact of such circumstances to your finances. It is always prudent to prepare for worst-case scenarios and not rely on a single income for a more secured and stable future.

To start in this venture, look for house and lot for sale in the Philippines for OFWs and turn them into income opportunities. Start early to reap the benefits early on, too.

Retirement Home

Looking for a house and lot for sale in the Philippines for OFWs is also a good way to find your retirement home. Retirement is the longest holiday of our lives, and preparing for it is a must. After all the hard work in your most productive years, spend your retirement days in comfort and at ease. Invest in a home in a strategic location, accessible to daily necessities, major thoroughfares, and commercial establishments. Choose one that also prioritizes the safety of the homeowners and one that can provide amenities complementing your home and lifestyle. This way, you are assured that your retirement days would be as comfortable and enjoyable as your younger years.

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Developer of Choice

In getting a house and lot - may it be for primary home, secondary home, for additional income, or for a retirement home, always choose a property from a formidable developer.

Choose a maaliwalas home and community for your property investment
Choose a maaliwalas home and community for your property investment

Choose a developer that prioritizes the needs of the buyer, just like Lessandra. Tagged as one of the best residential start-up companies globally by the London-based website, Start Up Pill, Lessandra provides quality and affordable homes in the most strategic locations with 24/7 security in all its communities. On top of that, Lessandra provides avenues for OFWs to secure their dream home even when they are miles away from the home country.

Lessandra has made a seamless digital homebuying experience possible: get a glimpse of Lessandra homes through the virtual home tour available at the website or request for a virtual trip if you want to see the actual house and location; choose the exact house location through the interactive map in the Reservation Portal; reserve your home; and pay the reservation fee and monthly amortization online. You can even have a generated sample estimated computation of your preferred home through Lessandra’s home loan calculator.

The availability of digital tools and options for quality and affordable houses and lots has indeed paved the way for OFWs to secure property investments easier and conveniently - anytime, anywhere around the globe. Take advantage of the time when you are still able to invest and prepare for your future, secure your own property investments.

Lessandra is an affordable house and lot developer. For an array of affordable house and lots for sale in the Philippines, check out Lessandra Project Listing. For more information on how to own a house and lot in the Philippines, visit the Lessandra Guides and FAQs section!