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benefits or buying affordable townhouses for sale in lessandra homes


Top 8 Benefits of Buying a Townhouse

September 9th, 2021 | Share via:

Sharing one or two walls with neighbors doesn’t sound appealing for many. However, this is insignificant to those who enjoy living in an apartment, a condominium unit, a duplex, or a townhouse. Living in each housing type has its advantages. If you want the benefits of living in a condo or a single-detached home, you should consider getting a townhouse for sale.

A townhouse is best characterized as a series of three or more homes that are attached to each other. They’re only divided by walls. They may or may not be under one roof. The exterior design and floor layout of the homes under one townhouse tend to be the same.

Being linked through one or two walls is its main difference from a single-detached house. Having a yard is what sets it apart from a condo. Some townhouses even have a garage for each unit. Below are reasons to choose this type of housing over the others.

1. It has a sense of community.

For some people, living alone is a slice of heaven. However, too much isolation may cause you to feel lonely. Thankfully, townhouses are there to give you both the pleasure of living by yourself yet having a sense of companionship just beyond the wall.

A townhouse is highly recommended to retirees.
A townhouse is highly recommended to retirees.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The covid-19 pandemic has proven the importance of having a community that you can easily reach out to. You can share goods when your neighbors are lacking and they can do the same to you. If one of you or you, yourself, is unable to buy groceries, you can request assistance from your next-door neighbors.

During special occasions, as your loved ones may be banned to travel, you can celebrate with the people who are literally close to you. Instead of a party though, you may simply share food with your neighbors.

This sense of community is helpful for a retiree or a senior couple who choose to live in a townhouse. Even twenty-somethings who want to be independent will benefit from it.

If you have deliveries but you can’t accept them because you’re away from home, you can ask a trusted neighbor to receive the items. In case you’re away for vacation, you can also request your neighbor to collect items that may be left on your front door. Doing so gives the impression that you’re there. As a result, burglars will be discouraged to enter your home and steal items.

While condo residents are also just a wall away from each other, they tend to mind their own business. They don’t usually bother knowing who their neighbors are.

As for the residents of single-detached homes, they may not feel the need to get close to each other. Many of them may be friendly and some may even treat each other as family. However, there may be some gaps.

Townhouse residents and owners can’t afford to have those as gaps may prompt one resident to bother the others. Residents are more likely to maintain good relationships with each other.

2. It has a high demand among renters.

When searching for a townhouse for sale, take into account how you might be able to maximize it. One way to do so is by leasing the spare room. Another option is to rent out the entire property. This is advisable in case you’re working and living elsewhere.

Many townhouses are located in the suburbs. They’re usually a ride away from the business districts in the cities yet far from the chaos therein. These make them attractive among renters.

Townhouses are suitable even for employees. As they spent most of their time working in the office, the issue of sharing a wall won’t bother them all day long. But in a work-from-home setup, you’ll really need to have a good relationship with the people living near you.

Even a growing family may find such homes better than single-detached homes. The toddlers still have a yard to run on anyway.

Once the pandemic becomes more manageable, students are another set of potential renters. If you live alone yet have two rooms in your townhouse, you can fill the extra room with two double-deckers. By doing so, you’ll be able to accommodate at least four students.

From an affordable house and lot, you also have the option to resell your townhouse someday. Before that, you can live in it and do some improvements. With the proximity of your property to major roads and the business districts, you can expect a good resale value for your townhouse.

3. It gives better assurance in terms of safety and security.

Townhouses form part of the housing options under brands like Lessandra. As a property within a gated village, you can expect that your home is secured. Guards patrol often. More importantly, they don’t readily allow everyone to enter the community unless they’re residents or the residents informed beforehand that they have incoming visitors. These alone are enough to deter some criminal-minded people to wreak havoc in one or more homes in the community.

Due to your proximity to your neighbors, criminals are less likely to target your home as well. They’ll think that your neighbors will hear if something goes amiss in your home. If the criminals are smart, they won’t want potential witnesses to their crimes.

If you’re in your senior years or if you have a health condition, living close to your neighbors will be a great help in case of emergencies. Imagine if there is a fire or flash flood. Your neighbors can alert you. They may call the emergency responders on your behalf, too.

Keep in mind, however, that you also have to do your part in ensuring such safety, security, and sense of community. If you’re the one who has senior neighbors, find time to assist them during your spare time. If they’re unable to get out, you can volunteer to buy groceries or medicines for them.

4. It’s one of the affordable housing options out there.

Due to privacy concerns, single-detached homes are more in-demand than attached ones. As a result, the former tends to be pricier. On the bright side, if you’re looking for an affordable house and lot, you have an option in the form of a townhouse.

A townhouse for sale is usually less expensive partly because there’s a notion that it’s less comfortable. Aside from the wall attachment, some also have narrower rooms. But even so, a townhouse may have two or more floors. It can have a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. You won’t necessarily feel cramped. Remember that it also has a yard. The same can’t be said about living in a condo unit.

5. It allows the homeowners to share home maintenance responsibilities.

In a townhouse, your neighbor’s wall is also your concern.
In a townhouse, your neighbor’s wall is also your concern.

Photo from Pixabay

If you buy a townhouse for sale, you will share the task of home maintenance along with your neighbors. This alone will prompt you to sustain a good relationship with them. In the case of Lessandra’s Arielle, you can turn to the company if ever you have questions or issues about the condition of your home.

For instance, there is a crack in a wall that divides your home and your neighbor’s, you have to talk to each other to have it inspected and fixed. This cooperation is also necessary when there is a pest infestation or faulty roof in one townhouse.

Aside from the upkeep of your home, you’re all bound to share the duty of maintaining your yard. This kind of community is especially helpful when one neighbor is away or sick and has to stay indoors. The other neighbors can carry out the home and yard maintenance which covers the parts of the neighbor’s property that he could not clean in the meantime.

One edge of condo living is that you don’t have a yard to maintain. This is a huge advantage for those who don’t have the time and energy to do more chores. But then again, living in a condo means you have limited outdoor space. The months of working from home must have made you realize by now how essential an outdoor space is.

In a townhouse, you get both an outdoor space and a yard that is easy to maintain. It doesn’t take much time and effort to clean as it’s not that spacious.

6. It’s easier to maintain compared to a single-detached home.

In addition to sharing cleaning chores with neighbors, a townhouse is easier to maintain because the space isn’t that much. You may have a front yard and backyard to clean, but your home won’t have outdoor space on the sides to worry about. Compared to a single-detached home of the same size, a townhouse has fewer windows to tidy up. With limited space for gardening, you and your neighbors won’t feel much pressure to landscape excessively.

As there are fewer rooms, you have fewer areas to clean. The simplicity of the floor layout means it is also simpler to tidy up. Having less bulky furniture and appliances further simplifies home maintenance.

7. It offers access to amenities.

More often than not, townhouses in the Philippines are in gated communities. This means if you own such property, you also get access to amenities like a pool, park, playground, and basketball court. With a common pool, you won’t feel the need to buy a more spacious and more expensive property. Some even have gyms. There’s no need to get a membership in a gym outside the village.

You don’t need to go that far to relax; you just have to walk towards these amenities within the subdivision. Through these recreational spaces, you may be able to bond with your family and even neighbors.

However, it’s worth noting that not all townhouses have access to those. After all, some investors construct such housing in a relatively small plot of land.

In contrast, established developers put importance on recreational spaces for the benefit of residents. Another great thing about the amenities in subdivisions is that residents don’t have to deal with the maintenance.

8. Its design is made to appeal to more people.

In Europe, decades-old townhouses are a tourist attraction on their own. Some of them have the same designs for each unit. On the other hand, there are also examples wherein each townhouse has its own unique style.

Lessandra Arielle Homes
Lessandra Arielle Homes

Townhouses in the Philippines have yet to earn such kind of prestige. But even so, these homes also have noteworthy designs on their own. Every townhouse is made with the idea that it should appeal to as many people as possible. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that top developers build townhouses with contemporary yet minimalist designs.

Some people have a specific design for their dream home so they might not find townhouses appealing. However, those who care more about the convenience and comfort that homes can provide will take the said option into account.

A townhouse’s design will make it more appealing to future homebuyers in case you’ll resell it in the future. Tenants will also become more drawn to your property. Depending on rules set by the developer and your agreement with your neighbors, you may have the same paint as your neighbors or choose something that stands out. If you agree on one color, you can hire the same subcontractor for the job and divide the expenses amongst you.

Finding an attractive townhouse may seem daunting though. There are many options out there. There are townhouses in not-so-ideal locations and then there are townhouses that are within first-class municipalities and cities. 

Your search for an affordable townhouse for sale ends here. With Lessandra’s Arielle homes, you can reap the benefits of owning a townhouse. Inquire now on how you can acquire the property. 

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